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Application scope of industrial cloth

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Application scope of industrial cloth


Industrial filter cloth is widely used in sugar, pharmaceutical, chemical, dye, smelting, ceramics, iron and steel, mining, cement, bridge, construction, brewing, food processing, rubber and many other fields, such as pressure filtration, suction filtration, centrifugation, dust removal and rubber products.

For the performance of the filter cloth, according to the needs of the production process, it needs to have good heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and also has special requirements, such as anti-static, anti oil performance, etc; The use effect of filter cloth in the production process needs to have good hydrophobicity, air repellency, resilience and filtration. The use performance and use effect interact and depend on each other. A good filter cloth should be a harmonious unity of the two, so as to achieve a long service life in use.

In addition, filter cloth is an indispensable material in the production process of titanium dioxide, and the semi-finished products, finished products and by-products of titanium dioxide can only be produced through its filtration. At present, domestic titanium dioxide factories generally adopt sulfuric acid process. The function of filter cloth in most relevant processes is liquid-solid system separation, and only in the next drying process is gas-solid separation.


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